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Powerful, simple and flexible Human
Resource Management software

  • Accessible online and from mobile devices
  • Integrates with Enterprise Management
  • Perfectly suited for a mobile workforce with access anytime, anywhere
  • Self-service HR services ensures higher employee retention

Enterprise Management HR previously known as Sage HR Management (HRM) supports mid to large sized businesses in achieving more efficiency and control over the cost of their workforce with a powerful, simple and flexible human resource management solution.  Accessible online and on mobile devices, Enterprise Management HR, together with Enterprise Management, gives your organization more accurate and exhaustive data over your different business units and locations.

Enterprise Management HR previously known as Sage Enterprise Management People is the cost-effective integrated payroll solution of choice for Enterprise Management customers, but can also be deployed as a flexible, standalone Core HR management system with self-service capabilities for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, services and healthcare industries.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Peoplegives you the tools you need to achieve more efficiency, visibility and cost control over your HR processes.

Efficiency and cost control

Gain compliance and visibility

Engage your employees

Serve your mobile workforce

Seamless integration with Sage Enterprise Management

Empower your managers to improve business performance with unified HR and financial data, forecasting present and future costs while streamlining operations with automated workflows.

Unlike other solutions that require complex integration, Sage Enterprise Management HR supports all core HR processes within one single solution, which is seamlessly integrated to Sage Enterprise Management. It’s a perfect combination for mid- and enterprise-size companies looking to control employee cost and gain efficiency and visibility.

Efficiency and cost control

Empower your managers to improve business performance with unified HR and financial data, forecasting present and future costs while streamlining operations with automated workflows.

Does your HR department spend most of its time processing employee information? Does your company have several HR systems in place? Integration is the answer to gain efficiency.

Sage Enterprise Management HR integrates seamlessly with accounting, helping you take control over your workforce costs in a more efficient way, without having to transfer information manually or between different systems.

With Sage Enterprise Management HR you are able to store full records of your employees, manage their contracts, forecast and efficiently track working hours, absenteeism and bonuses, giving you a complete view of your workforce costs.

Manage payroll processes, expenses, track your employees’ bonus history, hire new employees and make forecasts by company, subsidiary or branch. All this in one single software solution.

Sage Enterprise Management HR helps you to save time on HR administration processes and lets you plan personnel and financial decisions strategically.

Benefits from integrating HR and finance:

• Payroll process errors are
reduced by more than 20%

• Tracking actual time worked
error rate is reduced by more
than 24%

• Manual transactions decrease
dramatically, from 5,9% to 0,1%

• Collaboration across
departments and divisions is
more than 3 times higher

Best-in-Class organisations are 53% more likely to have unified HR and financial data.


Chart of Accounts

Accounting Models

Cost Centers

Dimension Analysis





Profits Sharing

Gain compliance and visibility

Ensure compliance and provide real-time, secure HR data for your internal and external stakeholders, with document management, dashboards, self-service intelligence and reporting tools.

Your organisation is required to maintain compliance on an ongoing basis. You need a solution to support the management of your internal HR processes and that helps you to track, report and demonstrate that policies are applied in line with changing regulations, and kept safe with critical documentation storage.

While compliance and standardisation of your business processes are top of your list, giving visibility of HR services to your managers and employees is a growing challenge, especially in the enterprise space. Recent studies show that providing employees with access to HR services through a self-service system increases efficiency and accuracy in an organisation.

Sage Enterprise Management HR helps your organisation become more responsive and make faster decisions:

• Analyse data in your HR system, from any module or over any period

• Access the main Key Performance Indicators you need to assess your company’s situation like workforce information, contracts, attendance, leave or compensation

• Benefit from an extensive library of reports and build queries on demand

The best combination of functionality, technology and value for mid- and enterprise size businesses.

Sage Enterprise Management HR, as a simple and flexible payroll software complemented by a smart, modular HR cloud suite, guarantees more efficiency and control over the cost of your workforce unifying payroll, HR and financial data, and forecasting present and future costs.

Sage Enterprise Management HR helps organisations access more accurate and exhaustive data over different business units and locations and provides real-time payroll and HR data for internal and external stakeholders. Promoted as the integrated payroll solution for Sage Enterprise Management,

Sage Enterprise Management HR can also be deployed as a flexible, standalone solution. Additionally Sage Enterprise Management HR offers the best-in-class workforce management and strategic talent set of modular features for companies from 100 to 2000+ employees.

HR self-service, native built-in reporting, KPIs and social networking are part of the DNA of this intuitive responsive web designed and consumer centric offer.


The latest version of Sage Enterprise Management HR introduces a range of new technology components that are recognised as the best, forward-looking solutions in the industry for multi-browser and mobile usage, speed search, web service development, cloud database integration and document management. Its robust N-tier architecture can support hundreds of concurrent users while maintaining excellent performance. The system runs equally well on Windows, Unix (AIX) or Linux (Red Hat) with either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases.


Payroll Benefit administration
Gross pay & back pay, Budget & forecast

Workforce Management

Leave & absenteeism, Time & attendance
Tasks & activity

Strategic Talent

Training management, Performance
appraisals, Career development


Employee record

Work contracts

Electronic payslips

Leave demands

Expenses claims

Payroll preparation


Multi company

Multi legislation

Multi language

User centric

Responsive design

Modular deployment