• Daffodil Innovative Business Solutions was started in Feb 2006 and focused on designing and developing business solutions based on traditional software design and analysis, development and implementation methodologies and frameworks.
  •   This approach laid the foundation for Daffodil Innovative Business Solutions and allowed for the development of expertise to move the business forward strategically. Daffodil Innovative Business Solutions was strategically repositioned as a Professional Services Consulting business with specific focus on cloud computing and cloud enablement. After extensive research Daffodil Innovative Business Solutions entered into partnership agreements with leading cloud technology providers to ensure that reliable proven solutions can be offered to our clients.
  • We are a strong, multi-disciplined team of ICT professionals able to engage businesses and lead forward thinking, future proof cloud solutions. In addition, we also have access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals in the domains of project management, enterprise & solution architecture, solution design, solution development, corporate and technology governance and risk & information security.


                  We have experience of 20+ years in ICT in the areas of:

  • Designing and setting up of competency centres (software development) 
  • Managing software development professionals
  • Architecting and building simple-complex business and technology solutions
  • Developing IT professionals
  • Business and IT technology governance using industry leading frameworks
  • Highly skilled and experienced individuals
  • Telecommunications, Media and Distribution, Financial Services, Digital Solut


  • To collaborate with our clients in the design, development, implementation, governance and support of industry-leading cloud solutions for our mutual benefit


  • Our mission is to grow our business by following these keys to success:
  • Build strong relationships with customers, employees and partners
  • Build and develop Daffodil Innovative Business Solutions into a strong brand
  • Employ sound financial and business management
  • Value people and their contribution by showing it in practical ways
  • Develop and transform talented youth into capable IT Professionals
  • Meaningfully impact the lives of the vulnerable people (the elderly, orphaned children) in our society

Meet the Team

Riaan Jacobs


Riaan is an experienced Enterprise Architect with a colorful history of working in the information technology and services industry – Media, Distribution, Education and Financial Services. He is an ICT professional, skilled in Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture & Design, Solution Certification and Quality Assurance, Business Process, Business Process Design, IT Service Management, IT Strategy Development, and Data Warehousing. Provides Enterprise Architecture Advisory services to ICT Heads (Business & Country level), IT Executives and CIOs across Africa.

Lizette Jacobs

Administration | Finance

Lizette is responsible for managing the Financial and Administrative functions of our business. She is ideally suited and qualified to manage this important aspect of the business with her vast experience in banking, financial consulting, customer service & people management. She has a passion for people and this attribute stand her in good stead when interacting with internal and external clients. She has a keen eye for figures and this allows her to stay abreast with the day to day financial transactions and dealings.

Elias Jacobs

Project Manager

Experienced Telecommunications Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Communication, Computer Application Training, Conflict Management, and Telecommunications. Strong engineering professional with a Diploma focused in Business Management from BMT College.

What We Value

Honesty and Integrity is the core of all we do

We treat all people with Respect and Kindness

We always do our Best, whether we work alone or in a team

We Walk Away from any deal or person, if it’s in violation of our principles

Our Way of Work

We are objective driven expert systems consultants who are trained to focus exclusively on our clients results. It is a different kind of consulting process, one that is 100% focused on client success

In fact, our Unique Process doesn’t advance until we have consensus on the project objectives, the results our clients expect to get, and the Value those results bring to the business.